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2018 ~ 2019
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Dress Code 2018-2019

Shiver School Dress Code
No student shall repeatedly violate the school dress code. Students must follow the school’s expected DressCode Policy.
Shiver School expects students to be well-groomed. Clothing should be appropriate for the occasion, in good taste and in good condition. Extremes in dress are considered in poor taste and will result in parents being contacted to bring appropriate clothing. Students may be removed from class or sent home at which time his/her absences will not be excused.

The principal has the final authority of what should/should not be worn.


  • No Leggings, jeggings, or cloths that are so tight they are immodest.
  • Sagging pants (worn below the waistline) shall not be permitted. All pants must be worn at the natural waistline. Parents will be called to bring a belt or the school will use a zip tie to keep pants up.
  • Outer clothing that resembles loungewear, pajamas, or underwear is prohibited. See-through clothing is prohibited. All clothing must be worn with appropriate undergarments.
  • Clothing which has holes cut or torn above the knee is prohibited.
  • No spaghetti straps, tank tops, muscle shirts, halter-tops, backless blouses, strapless blouses/dresses may be worn. Females wearing sleeveless tops must make sure the shoulder strap measures at least three finger widths. Sleeveless tops are prohibited for males.
  •  No mid-drift may show below the blouse or T-shirt. Excessively low cut clothing is not allowed. No cleavage should show above neckline of garment.
  • 4th-8th Grades:  Shorts must be MID-THIGH.  Dresses with or without leggings/jeggings must be KNEE-LENGTH. 
  •  Sweat pants, warm-up pants, and bike shorts are prohibited.
  • Jr. High students may not wear gym shorts.
  • PK- 5th Grade:  Shoes/sandals with backs must be worn at all times.
  • 6th -8th Grades:   May wear slip-on sandals/shoes without backs.
  • Cleated shoes or bedroom shoes are prohibited for all students.


  • Clothing shall not be worn which advertises alcohol, tobacco products, sex, or which contains inflammatory, vulgar or suggestive writings (slogans), pictures or emblems.
  • Students must not wear or bring hats, caps, visors, sunglasses, combs, picks, etc. inside the building. Teachers have the right to prohibit these items in their classroom. Hoodies are not worn in buildings.
  • Hair must be well groomed and not distracting.  Extreme hairstyles will not be allowed.
  • No clothing or other articles such as bandannas may be worn or displayed which may indicate membership in a gang.

Neither male nor female students may wear ornaments (jewelry) that pierce the skin other than in the ears

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