School Counselor

Contact:  Christie Courtney  378-1149 Email

Shiver School Counseling Program

The Guidance program at Shiver School is designed to meet the individual needs of students and families as well as provide support for teachers and staff. It is our guidance counselor's mission to eliminate barriers to learning, thus giving each student the opportunity to reach optimal educational success.

Mrs. Courtney is responsible for providing career lessons to all students in grades 1 through 8. She plans and coordinates career activities, career days and guest speakers for careers. Any adult in the Shiver community who would like to volunteer to share his/her career is asked to contact Mrs. Courtney. 

The Hospital/Homebound program is coordinated by the counselor as well. If you have a student who is going to have surgery or who will be medically absent for more than a few days, please see the school secretary for the forms you will need to secure Hospital/Homebound services.

The counselor is a consultant for the Response to Intervention (RtI) program which provides instructional and behavioral support for students with identified deficiencies and needs. 

Mrs. Courtney is available for individualized or group counseling in a wide range of areas that affect learning such as social, emotional and educational areas.

Our counselor can be contacted by those needing to have the child abuse prevention training for field trips and other school functions. As a reminder, this training is available online. Please refer to Mrs. Courtney's website for instructions. 

If you questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mrs. Courtney at 377-2325.